A Google Maps error has turned Bangkok into a gigantic park

Here’s a fun story that I wish was true — Google Maps today decided to turn Bangkok, and a large swathe of the rest of Thailand, into the world’s largest park.

Users of the Google Maps mobile apps and visitors to its website who look up the Thai capital will notice that the entire city and much of the surrounding area is covered in green. Green means grass, and grass means parks.


The green is very visible

That’s quite refreshing change for Bangkok, which has been named among the world’s top 100 most polluted cities, but unfortunately it wasn’t the result of some a mass-urban renovation project. Instead, it seems that Google mistakenly redrew the borders of the country’s Thung Yai Naresuan Wildlife Sanctuary, and forget to close it properly, as Khao Sod reports. The result is a pretty interesting sight, which also makes it rather difficult to locate the city’s genuine parks since it all just blends into green.

We’re betting someone is on the case, and that this mishap will be taken care of soon. If you want to take a look, now’s the time.

This isn’t the only incident in which one of the world’s largest internet companies has goofed up in Thailand recently. Just after Christmas, Facebook’s Safety Check service was triggered in the city as a result of a fake news story.