Watch Microsoft Accelerator London’s Demo Day Here

TechCrunch is pleased to offer Microsoft Accelerator’s London Demo Day today at 4:00 p.m. GMT, 8:00 a.m. PST.

The Microsoft Accelerator is a six-month program aimed at helping entrepreneurs scale to global markets. There are seven accelerators located around the world, from Seattle to Beijing, from London to Tel-Aviv. The Microsoft Accelerator in London has a diverse mix of companies across various industries in batch 6.

The entire event, called Gallery of the Future, consists of alumni presentations, talks, and technology demos in addition to the cohort demos. Investors and press will hear pitches from eight companies. Each team will have two minutes to present their business followed by questions from the moderator and then a question from the audience. You can watch it right here:


  • CoScaleA company from Ghent, Belgium, that has built a forecasting program that alerts the user when anomalies are detected. It has 19 employees.
  • Talmix: A firm from London that uses the internet to match companies with independent consultants. It has a 30-person staff.
  • True AI: Based in London, True AI has developed an online bot that can talk to humans, making customer service semi-automatic. It has eight employees.
    • Appiness: A firm based in Aalst, Belgium, that has developed two programs designed to spot objects in TV programmes and films (such as T-shirts, lamps, sofas etc) and offer information on where to buy them. It employs 17 people.
    • Eva Diagnostics: Multi-award-winning company that has created a handheld health monitor for people living with cancer, anaemia and polycythemia. The product can be used at home and just needs a single drop of blood from a finger prick. The firm has 12 full-time workers and five consultants.
    • Firefly Learning: An online tool that brings together teachers, students and parents. It has offices in London and Sydney, Australia, and employs 45 people.
    • Hippo Data: Predominantly used in financial trading, Hippo Data uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to quickly analyse large amounts of data and predict what will happen in the future. The company is based in Malta and has staffs seven people
    • Hadean: Claiming to be the only technology in the world that can effortlessly analyse any size of data set. Hadean is based in London and employs six people