Tesla now offers a 100D Model S and Model X with extended range

Tesla’s new 100 kWh battery pack first arrived with a “performance” designation, hence the “P” in P100D, but now the company has released the 100D version of the upgrade option, which delivered the same capacity, but tweaked for efficiency rather than speed. The 100D option was added early Friday morning, promising an additional 20 miles of range based on EPA standards.

That means the Model S with the 100D battery pack gets 335 miles instead of 315 for the P100D, Electrek notes, and the Model X gets 295 miles instead of 257 miles for the performance option. Both of these options will bump the price of the car by an additional $3,000 vs. the 90D battery pack option, which remains available for purchase.

The boosted range means you’ll be foregoing the possibility of a sub-2.4 second 0 to 60 mph time, and in fact will have to settle for just 4 seconds for that sprint start. If you can live with that still very impressive acceleration, the added range will probably be a more attractive option to most people who aren’t buying a Tesla strictly to drag race.

As with all new Tesla’s coming off the production line since late last year, these new model options will include all the hardware on board to achieve full self-driving capabilities once the software is ready to make that possible, which will probably not be until at least 2018 for a broad public release.