Come on, let’s go to Pluto


Hey do you want to go far, far away from this place right now for some reason? Check out Pluto – it’s far.

NASA created a video (via Gizmodo) made up of around 100 images snapped by the New Horizons probe, which launched in 2006 and which completed a flyby of the dwarf planet in 2015. The video includes photos shot by New Horizons, but scientists took the black and white originals and overlaid low-res color snapped by a separate camera on the probe, to simulate a high-resolution full-color final product. Some frames were also “interpolated” from available data, which basically means they’re best guesses rather than actual captures from spacecraft equipment.

Also killed it with that soundtrack, NASA. Spot-on exactly the kind of space music you’d expect, and makes you feel like getting stoned and going to a planetarium, which would also be a very good thing to do right now.