Watch a bad-ass X-23 out-claw Wolverine in the latest trailer for Logan


Logan, the third instalment in the Wolverine series, is set to premiere on March 3, and there’s a new trailer to check out. The movie has looked, in previous teasers, like a Little Miss Sunshine with a lot more gritty violence and a smaller family unit that includes Wolverine, a young X-23 and Professor Charles Xavier. In this new teaser, it presents a look at X-23 doing a lot more ass-kicking, with less focus on the bizarro family road trip dynamic.

This movie could still be very bad – Wolverine has done this to us before, with Origins, one of the all-time worst comic book movie adaptations. Or at least it was, until Zack Snyder came along and started screwing up the measurement systems with atrocious DC universe bombs.

But this one looks good so far, with a grizzled Wolverine who genuinely looks like he’s lived through all the terrible things the film franchise has suggested he’s lived through. Also an origin story for X-23 sets us up for a future franchise extension in which the Wolverine mantle is passed to someone even cooler.