Tidal rolls out a track editing feature for mobile users

Tidal’s latest feature has arrived with as little fanfare as humanly possible. The music service has snuck in a new Track Edit, accessible by opening the Option menu while playing a song.

Available on the music service’s mobile app, the new feature lets users trim down tracks viewable in a wave format, setting the beginning and end at specific time, fading in and out and even adjusting the song’s tempo.

The feature, noticed by Pitchfork, is a pretty simplistic implementation of the functionality that’s not particularly easy to use, but it’s interesting – and a surprising addition to find hidden under a couple of layers of menus. Particularly a feature that’s not exactly standard on these sorts of services.


Tidal has yet to elaborate on the feature – and whether labels are already on board with an addition that gives users the (albeit limited) ability to remix tracks. Given the on-going trend toward consuming media in smaller and smaller bits, perhaps the feature was something of an inevitability.

The move follows Tidal’s recent addition of hi-res “Master” audio recordings to its streaming offerings.