Leica’s M10 takes a great camera line of the past and makes it digital

This is the Leica M10, but it’s not your father’s (or grandfather’s) familiar M series camera. Its release date is already pegged for tomorrow, January 19th, so a new interchangeable lens Leica is a surprise: the M10 with a new sensor, body and 30% larger field of vision.

It’s the second M series camera to be digital; the first was the Leica M8 which launched nearly 10 years ago.

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For you fellow photographers and camera nerds, the M10 is going to feature a new 24 megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor, which Leica has squeezed into what the German camera magicians call the thinnest digital M camera.

Beyond that, better performance at higher ISOs (100-50,000), 2GB of buffer memory, continuous shooting at 5 frames-per-second, a new image processor that can write 30 consecutive DNG RAW files or 100 JPEG images at full resolutions, simplified physical controls, WiFi and remote app support.

The price of the Leica M10, sans lens? $6,495 is a high markup, but it does get you one of the most interesting retro-looking cameras on the market — on paper and screen, at least.