Nintendo’s next mobile game ‘Fire Emblem: Heroes’ will arrive first on Android on February 2

Hot off its Switch unveiling late last week, Nintendo is dropping some key details about its next mobile title. Due out on February 2, Fire Emblem: Heroes is the latest in a series of long running tactical role playing titles published by the gaming giant.

The title was first announced in April, alongside a new entry in the Animal Crossing series, but both were ultimately pushed back in favor of releasing Super Mario Run by year’s end. Interestingly, unlike that title, which started life as an iPhone exclusive, the new Fire Emblem is slated to arrive first on Android, with iOS availability arriving later.

Pricing for the game has yet to be announced – the subject was a big sticking point for many fans when the company announced that Mario would run $10. Nintendo has confirmed, however, that the title will feature in-app purchases.

The title will also be arriving ahead of new 3DS and Switch entries for the series, a strategy in line with one of Nintendo’s main motivations for finally taking the plunge into mobile: spreading the gospel of its valuable IP to a new generation of gamers.

As the company happily notes, sales of Pokemon titles skyrocket in the wake of Go’s tremendous success, and the arrival of a new Fire Emblem title could significantly raise the profile for one of the Nintendo’s beloved, but less high profile series.