MB&F HM7 Aquapod Tourbillon looks like it just rose from the briny deep

It’s SIHH in Switzerland and that means all of the biggest and weirdest manufacturers are releasing their biggest and weirdest watches. Our favorite so far? This wild HM7 Aquapod, a watch that looks like it once attacked James Cameron while he was burbling around down in the Mariana Trench.


Before we get to the bad news lets just revel in the majesty of this thing. It’s a self-winding watch with a diving bezel and two internal rings that show the time. The central feature is that little spinny thing at that top. That’s a tourbillon and shows the seconds while ensuring the effects of gravity won’t mess up the timekeeping. It comes in titanium or red gold and is pretty much handmade from stem to stern.


It’s also lumed like a beast with the dual dials luminescing blue underneath a curved crystal. Finally you have a rotor that looks like it fell off of Captain Nemo’s submarine and a pair of crowns that let you set the time and wind the watch separately. You can read a bit more about it here or just bask in its undersea glory in the video below. In short it’s a bit of glorious overkill.

The watch is 53.8mm wide and 21.3mm thick with movable lugs that will curve around your wrist. It comes on a very high-end rubber strap.

Generally this is what they call a labor of love in the watch world. MB&F makes some wild stuff for a very specific kind of collector and this MB7 is no exception. Now for a bit of melancholy: Want to pick one up? You’d best hit the bottom of the ocean and find some pirate gold because this will set you back $98,000. Arrrr.