It’s on like (a) Donkey Kong (watch)

If you’re familiar with the watch company Romain Jerome you’d know that they do the best kind of pandering. The brand, which was once known for its odd watches made of moon rocks and metal from the Titanic, his created a series of nostalgic video game watches that are wildly overpriced but also wildly desirable. Their latest? A Donkey Kong watch that features the monkey and the plumber in all of their pixelated glory.

The watch is hand-made and hand-enabled and it runs a custom Romain Jerome movement. It has a 46mm case and 3D face with the tiny figures on one plane above a dark background for legibility.

The watch will be shown at the SIHH show in Switzerland this week. It joins RJ’s Mario Brothers, Pokemon, and Space Invaders watches, all aimed at a certain demographic of gaming nerd with a lot of money and a lot of Weltschmerz.

How much does it cost to save Pauline? $16,500, friends, so make sure you have a liquidity event before hitting the watch shop.