Clothing maker Scott Jordan talks about the future of fashion

Scott Jordan never meant to make clothes. He was a lawyer by trade and wanted something he could wear to keep his Walkman from snagging on doorknobs. A few iterations later he invented the SCOTTeVEST, a vest with loads of pockets and secret channels for headphones and other cables. Now, after more than a decade in the business, he believes that while our clothing might seem more high-tech, the general look and feel of our duds will remain the same into the near future.

Wearables, he believes, will never be embedded in clothes. After working with a number of ideas on that front he found that it’s far easier to put sensors against the skin than to sew them into our clothes. He believes that even in the next century we won’t be running around wearing Metroid-esque smart suits, but that our clothing will remain dumb and our gadgets will disappear against and inside our bodies.

Scott most recently launched the OTG Jacket, which can hold pounds and pounds of hardware and cables but still look like a regular jacket. That jacket, he thinks, is what our future clothing will look like.

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