Bragi’s The Headphone is now shipping to all

When we reviewed Bragi’s fully wireless earbuds back in November, we wrote, “using them feels a little like you’ve finally arrived” – turns out it was a bit of unintentionally ironic foreshadowing, as the headphones encountered a few snags along the way.

Just ahead of the holidays, the startup sent a note to customers with the unfortunate news that the simply named The Headphone weren’t likely to arrive before Christmas for pre-orders. The devices had already been pushed back from a month before, owing to production delays.

To help cushion the blow, the company offered up an extended warranty for loyal pre-orderers, along with an apologetic card the company recommended users ball up and toss like a snowball, for a bit of placeholder fun before the things actually shipped.

The headphones have since begun shipping out to those who got in early, and now, as the Verge notes, they’re available to the rest of us through the company’s site for $149, with an estimated ship date of around two weeks.

Of course, competition for the fully wireless earbud market has gotten even stiffer in recent months, including the (itself delayed) arrival of Apple’s own well-received offerings.