Match’s pop-up coffee shop will 3D print your date’s face on a drink

In what is clearly a (very cool) publicity stunt, Match is opening a pop-up coffee shop where it will 3D print the face of single users on the foam of your latte.

Specifically, you’ll be able to show up and pick your drink – each will feature one of eight single Match users – four male and four female. Your drink will then come with their face 3D-printed on your coffee, and the cup will have more information on the person, including a link to their Match dating profile.

You’ll also be able to get your own face printed on a cup of coffee, in case you want to hand it off to someone you’re interested in.

Match is calling the event “expresso yourself”, and it will go down next Thursday and Friday (January 19th & 20th) at Boxpark in London’s Shoreditch neighborhood.

The 3D-printing is being powered by Coffee Ripples, a startup that makes a machine dedicated to 3D printing images on foam lattes. To create the designs the machine dispenses a powder that consists of ground up coffee beans, which means it won’t change the flavor of your drink.

The startup, which launched last year, is currently shipping units mainly to smaller independent coffee shops. The device is about the size of your average 3D printer, and comes with a built-in touch screen to input your selection after you put a latte down on the print surface.