Triby’s next-gen hub goes all-in on connected home functionality

Last year, Triby became the first non-Amazon product to integrate Alexa functionality. But what, you’re no doubt asking, has the company done for you lately? After all, since that announcement, countless other products have followed suit, and these days we’re up to our necks in voice-controlled vacuum cleaners and refrigerators, right?

At this year’s CES, Invoxia is firmly in-line with what is shaping up to be one of the show’s primary threads – smart home functionality. Granted, the device has always had its hand in the space – in fact, the product is something akin to a nicer looking Echo with a display that you can hang on the wall or fridge. But the new Triby IO is designed to serve as a hub for all sorts of third-party smart home devices.

The new Triby is “aimed at tech enthusiasts,” according to the company, featuring the aforementioned Alexa integration, along with Google Home and IFTTT functionality. The device can be used to trigger different functionality over voice and also serve as a station hub to trigger different smart home scenarios, either on a schedule or using its on-board sensors for light, temperature and humidity.

There are some on-board entertainment options, as well – including integration with Spotify, Audible and the company’s own web radio service, which play through the on-board speaker. And, in keep with Invoxia’s roots, the device can be used to make VoIP call and leave voice messages. Written messages can also be left on Triby IO’s E-Ink display.

As with countless other smart home devices, Triby IO will be on display at CES this week in Vegas. Unlike much of the competition, however, it’s actually going to launch this quarter, carrying a $199 price tag.