Sony’s newest Bravia TV is the first interesting TV I’ve seen at CES

There are so many damn TVs at CES it’s rare for one to get my attention — but Sony just announced a new TV for their flagship Bravia line that actually looks great.

It’s a 4K HDR OLED TV that Sony is calling the A1E series. The TV has an edge-to-edge design and is stand-less — meaning it sits directly on the ground and has a back leg that it leans against.

It could also be put on a table, but part of what I thought made it look so cool is that it was leaning directly on the floor.┬áThe back stand that it leans on is where the TV’s processor and other essential parts are housed.

This edge-to-edge design means there are no speakers around the TV. But instead of just putting speakers in the rear, Sony says that sound will come from the screen itself — using new technology it is calling Acoustic Surface.

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