Hyundai links up with Google Assistant for car voice commands

Hyundai will team with Google to make its cars voice-operable to a limited degree via Assistant, the search giant’s virtual helper. Hyundai is showing off this tech at CES this year, which allows Hyundai vehicle owners to do things like ask Google to start their car, transfer an address to their vehicle or lock the doors.

The integration works via Hyundai’s Blue Link software, which you tell Google Assistant to interact with in order to control connected features on the cars. It’s similar to how car companies, including Hyundai, are working with Echo and Amazon Alexa, and it’s primarily designed to be accessed via Google Home. It also requires that a Hyundai car owner provide Google Assistant with their Blue Link PIN to ensure they actually have the authority to control the vehicle.

Other controls possible via the connection include operating the horn and lights, stopping and resuming charging of Hyundai plug-ins and more. The Home service isn’t yet in production, but should come to compatible vehicles soon.