PixTeller makes designers (almost) obsolete

PixTeller is a unique little service. Created by a Romanian web designer, Alexandru Roznovat, it is a sort of instant design studio with plenty of ready-made templates so you can create clever Instagram memes or fun book cover designs in a few seconds.

After creating an account you’re presented with dozens of pre-made designs that are fairly innocuous. You can select a Facebook header, a book cover, or a snappy meme.

You then begin editing. Everything on the screen works like a vector graphic – except, obviously, photographs – and you can edit text and add shapes like you would in a standard design program. Like Tinkercad it makes for a fun and easy way to get small design projects done with a minimum of fuss. The service is free to try and $9 a month if you want to download edited documents without a watermark. You can share images with friends for comment.

“Our Editor is really fast to use. For example, I created all our current templates (more than 4000 designs) in about 3 weeks.” Roznovat told ImpactCEE. Roznovat previously worked at web applications house Geco.ro

Web-based software seems like a great solution for, say, folks with tablets or smaller laptops. While it will never truly replace a good design tool I could see this as a way to sketch out ideas and share them quickly. The company launched about a year ago but things have been quiet. Here’s hoping we can all up our meme game in 2017 thanks to tools like this one.