Cujo adds parental controls to its home firewall device

Cujo certainly felt like the right product at the right time when the smart firewall’s creators took to the Disrupt stage to debut the device back in May. Since its debut, IoT attacks have grown in prominence as users add more and more failure points to their home security ecosystem one connected device at a time.

Since then, the startup has raked in crowdfunding and scored favorable reviews around the launch of its adorable little smart firewall devices. The product’s only around half a year old, so CES won’t be seeing a major upgrade for the Cujo, but the company is adding some extra functionality to the hardware.

A software update will be bringing parental controls to the product – similar to what we’ve seen on mesh devices like Luma and Eero, making it possible for parents to manage kids access to specific websites and app. Using the system, it will be possible to control access via device or content, in order to set a daily limit on screen time, cut off tablet use at the dinner table, and otherwise block questionable content.

The new features will be on display next week at CES.