Tesla tops 2016 Consumer Reports’ customer satisfaction survey

Tesla has claimed the top spot in Consumer Reports’ annual owner satisfaction survey, which polls subscribers about their cars and their feelings toward the brands that make them. Ninety-one percent of Tesla owners polled would buy another Tesla vehicle in the future, the survey found.

Consumer Reports’ survey pool covered more than 300,000 different vehicles, and Tesla regained the crown that it held in the previous year, besting Porsche and Audi in the No. 2 and No. 3 spots, respectively. It topped Porsche by 7 percentage points, and the rankings represent the number of respondents who said they’d “definitely” purchase another car by the same automaker in the future.

Tesla’s Model S earned a buy recommendation from Consumer Reports earlier this year, after its reliability rating improved. The publication also chided the automaker for Model X reliability, however, leading to an overall low ranking in its annual reliability survey when it comes to the Tesla brand as whole.