Disney’s making Snapchat shows, and the first is an aftershow for The Bachelor

Disney’s ABC TV group is embarking on a journey into Snapchat original programming creation, and it’s starting with The Bachelor, its storied 21-season franchise that chronicles the epic romance of a random person and a selection of around two dozen potential matches selected for their potential to generate interesting TV.

I say that like I don’t watch The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise and countless other official and third-party knock-offs of the series — when in fact I enjoy nothing more. So I’ll likely tune in to “Watch Party: The Bachelor,” the new post-episode programming on Snapchat that’s set to run for between three and five minutes with a viewing window of 24 hours from their original posting date, as reported by Variety.

This is just the first Disney-ABC Snapchat series, with a number of unannounced episodic shows to be revealed at a later date, but arriving sometime over the next few months for Snapchat users in the U.S.

In case you somehow haven’t heard, this season’s Bachelor is Nick Viall, who’s just coming off a stint on Bachelor in Paradise in which he positioned himself well as the twice-spurned former contestant whose rejections have resulted in an emotional wall blocking off his heart, priming this season for a healthy helping of “I’m not sure if I’m ready… to feel” moments between himself and the crop of possible matches ABC will be throwing his way.

The first episode of the new Snapchat show debuts on January 3, and even if it’s bad, you’re not going to have wasted much time if you end up watching it. Rose Buddies is still the best post-Bachelor programming of all time, though.