Verizon is letting Samsung brick the Note 7 after all, but waiting until after the holidays

About a week ago, Samsung announced that it was finally ready to be done with this whole Note 7 situation, once and for all. The company issued a release stating that it would issue a software update here in the States that would effectively brick the troubled handset, rendering it inoperable when not plugged directly into a power source.

Verizon (our parent company) quickly issued its own announcement standing in stark and surprise contrast to Samsung’s announcement — and, for that matter, its fellow carriers, stating, “Verizon will not be taking part in this update because of the added risk this could pose to Galaxy Note7 users that do not have another device to switch to.”

The company added that it was concerned about holiday travelers who might need their handset in case of emergency. Today’s news marks a sort of compromise between the two positions. Verizon won’t push the release on December 19, as Samsung intended, but it will issue the update, waiting until January 5 to do so.

Says the company, “We want to make sure you can contact family, first responders, and emergency medical professionals during the holiday travel season.” Those planning to navigate CES on the phablet, on the other hand, are out of luck.

But at least it will give the stubborn owners a little more time to say goodbye. Just please, please, please if you’re doing any holiday travel, don’t board a plane with the thing.