Big data expert Flavio Villanustre talks about the future of massive data stores

Flavio Villanustre is an expert in Big Data. He and his team at an offshoot of LexisNexis created a massive open source product aimed at allowing first-timers to spin up huge data stores. The product, called HPCC, is a way to bring parallel computing and strong data processing to big data.

The best thing? Flavio is a friendly guy with a lot of ideas about what it will take to bring big data to bear on the problems of everyday existence. He’s bullish on just about everything including the fact that data can make our lives better and that an open source solution is the best way to push the technology forward. I talked to him about his work and his expectations for the future and I’m actually interested in download his project and giving it a try. Anyone have a massive amount of data they need to store?

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