Pokémon GO is officially teaming with Starbucks for 7,800 new Gyms and PokéStops

Pokémon GO’s next big sponsor partner in the U.S. is Starbucks, which is going to host new gyms and PokéStops at 7,800 company-run Starbucks stores in the U.S. In addition to the new in-game locales, Starbucks is also making a Pokémon GO edition Frappuccino to celebrate the tie-up. What does Pokémon GO taste like in sugared coffee drink form? I have no idea, but I will definitely find out.

This is similar to the McDonald’s partnership from closer to Pokémon GO’s launch earlier this year, wherein the fast food restaurant paid for Niantic to turn 3,000 locations in Japan into Gyms and PokéStops. The Frappuccino element adds a bit more reciprocity to the mix — there was no McPsyduck on the menu thought the McD’s deal.

Earlier this week, Niantic and Sprint revealed a similar deal to turn Sprint, Boost Mobile and “Sprint at RadioShack” stores  into PokéStops and Gyms, which will span over 10,500 locations across the U.S.

More exciting for players than deals designed to get you into shoes and hopefully spending is the news that Pokémon GO will be revealing new Pokémon coming for in-game capture on Monday. That’s huge for potential engagement. It’s also nice that there are now 18,200 potential spots to pick up items or face off for bragging rights and experience, however.