Belgium’s Doctoranytime raises €1M

It looks like the demise of food delivery startup Take Eat Easy is going to produce a number of interesting new startups, not least in its home country of Belgium.

I’m hearing that Take Eat Easy co-founder Adrien Roose is already eyeing up his next venture, rumoured to be in the IoT space, and I count at least another two companies off the ground from ex-employees. One of those is Doctoranytime, which is announcing a €1 million seed round today.

Founded five months ago by Sylvain Niset, who was previously VP of Business Development at Take Eat Easy, the company lets you book a local doctor online. It also offers doctors scheduling software and a CRM of sorts, as Belgium transitions to electronic medical records, which, I’m told is now stipulated by law.

“Our goal is to consolidate our leadership position in Belgium. We started 5 months ago and have already 1,000 doctors using our website to find new patients and manage their practice on a daily basis,” says Niset in a statement. “With this new funding, we will hire new business developers and start targeting bigger organizations such as hospitals. We will also invest further on our product so that we improve it and add more features catering to doctors’ requirements”.

Investing in Doctoranytime’s seed round are a number of angels including Apostolos Apostolakis, entrepreneur and co-founder of, and Eleftheria Zourou, co-founder and CEO of Doctoranytime Greece.

Regards the latter, Niset tells me he approached Zourou with the idea of starting Doctoranytime Belgium, which is a separate company from Doctoranytime Greece but does license some of its IP. Doctoranytime Belgium also had to be significantly re-engineered to fit with local market needs.

“Doctoranytime is developing solutions… in order to migrate the medical experience patients have, online,” adds Niset. “What we want is to facilitate access and increase the efficiency of the healthcare system”.

I’m told that Doctoranytime employs over 40 in Belgium and Greece, where the startup’s R&D takes place, and that headcount will continue to grow with today’s new funding.