Trump is holding a meeting with key tech leaders at Trump Tower next week

Aside his on-going free market bromance with entrepreneur-turned-transition-adviser Peter Thiel, things between Donald Trump and the broader tech community have been fairly rocky for some time. Silicon Valley largely put its weight behind his opponent, and the President-Elect has taken a number of potshots at big technology names from Apple to Amazon’s Jeff Bezos.

A number of execs, including Tim Cook have already called for unity in the wake of November’s election, and now it seems that Trump is looking to sit down at the table with some key tech industry leaders. Thiel, chief of staff Reince Preibus and Trump adviser/son-in-law Jared Kushner have formally extended an invitation to a roundtable event set for December 14 at Trump Tower in New York.

Specifics of the summit, revealed by Politico and confirmed by USA Today, are pretty scant at the moment, including who’s invited and what’s on the proverbial round table. Though, given recent rhetoric, it seems likely that hot topics like cyber security, net neutrality and, of course, jobs are all fair game in the lead up to inauguration.

Given the President-Elect’s contentious history with a number of tech leaders/companies, the list of who’s left off will be every bit as important as who’s actually invited. We’ve reached out for comment and will update the story when we hear back.