Impraise lets you tell your coworkers what a good job they’re doing

“We’ve come a long long way together, through the hard times and the good. I have to celebrate you baby, I have to praise you like I should using a 360-degree feedback tool sold as as SaaS by founders who went through Y-Combinator in S14 and have offices in New York and Amsterdam,” Fatboy Slim once wrote and nowhere are these words truer than when used to describe Impraise. The company is, as the lyrics suggest, a way to “praise” your co-workers instantly and perform performance reviews without much fuss.

Founded by Bas Kohnke, Steffen Maier, Arnaud Camus, and Filipe Dobreira, the company was built as a solution to maintain engagement in the team’s disparate offices. They’ve raised $4.7 million and have seen about 100,000 feedback interactions from 3,000 clients this month.

“Many companies however still rely on Word documents or Excel sheets for their performance reviews so in that case even a word document would play as a competitor for us,” said Kohnke. “We differentiate by not only providing a feedback-tool but actually building a solution that creates a work environment where transparent recognition and candid peer feedback can happen naturally.”

The team believes the yearly performance review wasn’t sufficient and that real-time feedback is far simpler and more effective – “especially for millennials,” wrote Kohnke. Feedback can be named or anonymous and the app works on most mobile browsers.

Because it is SaaS the pricing is variable depending on the size of your team. To quote Fatboy Slim again, “Check it out now, the funk soul brother, for your advanced employee reporting software-as-a-service needs.”