Snapchat Spectacles, Oculus Touch and Product Hunt: Listen to TCBC 10 with Fitz Tepper

Spectacles are all the rage, but me and this week’s guest Fitz Tepper have already stopped using ours pretty much. Maybe we’re just not cool. Still, the hardware from Snapchat parent Snap, Inc. is the most interesting gadget created in recent memory, and Snap’s future plays in hardware should be exciting to watch.

Fitz is also set to get Oculus Touch next week at launch, which should open up a whole new level of VR gaming options for the Oculus Rift. Ubisoft’s Star Trek: Bridge Crew sounds pretty amazing, actually, and that might finally convince me to get my gaming PC fixed and get my HTC Vive up and running again.

Finally we get startuppy as we dive into the Product Hunt acquisition, which was announced today by the company and its acquirer, Angle List. It sounds like a good fit, but PH shouldn’t be too afraid about remaining maybe a little less independent of its new owner.

Also there’s some sports talk in there but that’s all on Fitz.

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