Hyundai UK picks up a trick from Tesla with new online car sales

Hyundai is launching a new website called “Click to Buy” in the UK, where customers can purchase its cars directly with fixed pricing and no haggling. The online model of car sales is one that Tesla employs widely for its own vehicles, owing in part to its inability to run its own physical dealerships in many places.

The new Hyundai UK direct sales start January 6, 2017, and include the i10, i20, i30, Tucson and Santa Fe as available models with the planned addition of other cars in the Hyundai range in the weeks following launch. The website also includes custom configuration options, trade-in pricing for existing vehicle, finance options and direct payment of deposits.

For those using the finance options, there’s an additional step for signing legal paperwork and picking up the vehicle, as well as dropping off trade-in, and Hyundai is working with participating dealers to complete this part of the process. But for customers paying for their vehicle outright, Hyundai says its possible to buy a new car in “less than five minutes,” with home delivery and even pick-up of a trade-in vehicle also available as paid add-on options.

Hyundai has been operating digital online “stores” for a┬ácouple of years, but this is the first time they’ve offered the ability to purchase directly.