Shopify’s experimental product shop launches flash sales app Frenzy

Shopify’s Garage group is a product skunkworks of sorts, and it’s launching a new app called Frenzy today, focused on flash sales, just in time for that most consumerist of holidays — Thanksgiving. Limited-release sales are big again, with Yeezy raffles all over the place and Snapchat just dotting the map with expiring Snapbot vending machines for Spectacles. So Frenzy enters the stage at a time when people are very eager to spend money in fast, competitive, bite-sized flurries.

Frenzy is an app that gives you a central place to put all your hypebeast hopes, where the path to purchase is as easy as using Apple Pay (which is dangerously easy). Frenzy is based on Shopify’s back end to hopefully ensure the app doesn’t crash while you’re scrambling to acquire whatever thing has captured the world’s attention for the next five minutes.

The Frenzy app will work with partner retailers and brands, so it should cover a range of bases in one place, which is more convenient for a consumer versus looking around at vertical-specific retailers and/or chartering helicopters.

I may have engaged in some frenzied online ordering a time or two myself, and the app looks to streamline in all the ways that anxious buyers with twitchy ordering fingers will appreciate, getting you from browse to checkout in as few taps as possible (while still showing off the product with nice big images).

Frenzy’s first sale launches tomorrow afternoon in partnership with Kith, and additional merchants including Love Your Melon, Raised by Wolves and Off the Hook are following up with subsequent flash sales over the course of the weekend.