Spectacle-selling Snapbot deployed at the Grand Canyon

Not even 24 hours after we got the last Snapchat Spectacle vending machine location, there’s a new one: near the Grand Canyon in Arizona, closest to the small town of Meadview. The new spot is striking distance from Las Vegas, and should provide a beautiful road trip for anyone adventurous enough to make the drive.

The Grand Canyon location follows hot on the heels of the Rose Bowl Stadium pop-up on Saturday, and has more in common with previous locales, which included Big Sur and the Santa Monica pier. Snapchat seems to be recreating some kind of great American road trip with its drop spots, and today’s location throws cold water on the theory that after yesterday’s college football game they might be targeting events more often.

Assigning rhyme or reason to the location choice in a way that makes it possible to predict where it’ll hit next seems like a fool’s errand at this point, but some interesting fan theories have popped up. Jobs in Social Media is pretty convinced that the unifying factor is “rose” somewhere in the location name or associated with the spot in another way. This doesn’t provide a reliable way to anticipate where it’ll arrive next, however, even if it is correct.

This is the quickest turnaround between Snapbot drops, though, so hopefully that means they start popping up in more places and it becomes easier to actually grab a pair. But who knows – Snap doesn’t seem too concerned with patterns or predictability with this unique hardware product launch.