Paint 3D is now a part of the Microsoft’s Creators Update test build

You know you’ve been wanting to play around with that new version of Microsoft Paint — if only to see if it is, indeed, that big of an update to the long-maligned drawing application that’s been shipping with Windows since the mid-1980s.

Paint 3D is unquestionably one of the biggest refreshes in the application’s history. In fact, it’s really a complete rethink, one that serves as a major cornerstone for Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update, aimed at making 3D content creation an essential part of the operating system.

Now Windows Insiders can get their hands on the application, courtesy of the newly released Build 14971. The new version of Paint is currently available in English only and appears to have completely replaced the OG version in this build, bringing with it some dead simple tools for turning simple sketches into 3D objects.

I played around with the application at Microsoft’s launch event a few weeks back and found it to be fun and elementary take on the world of 3D modeling. The tools are quite limited, as has always been the case with MS Paint, but they’re also simple enough for anyone who fires up the app to pick up in a few seconds, serving as a potential stepping stone into the world of CAD.