The Waterologies Solardistech is a solar water treatment plant for tiny towns

Water treatment is a massively pressing issue. Hundreds of thousands of people die each ear from lack of clean water and a small, portable filtration system could have saved them. That’s what Waterologies is trying to build.

Their products, the Solardistech 0.5, 15 and 4, are standalone water purifiers that use the power of the sun to produce up to a 1,000 liters per hour of clean water. The system uses a chlorine generator to purify water on consumption and a skimmer keeps the nasty stuff out of the potable water. All of the models are designed to allow you to connect to a source and just pull water out as needed and all are solar-powered.

Further, none of the machines need chemicals or reagents, as the entire system is self-contained. There are also water-quality sensors built in.

I saw these systems at the iWater conference in Barcelona and, although the website isn’t very polished, they looked to be quite workable. The company is also working on a backpack-based device for water purification.

Clean water is incredibly important and it’s cool to see a standalone product that can provide it without hydraulic or electrical infrastructure.