John Hancock insurance is subsidizing the cost of the new Apple Watch

How does a health insurance company go about trying to help address health problems before they arise? Getting people moving is a start. After all, there are plenty of long issues that can be avoided or lessened by living a more active lifestyle, a motivation that becomes all the more apparently as our lives tend increasingly toward the sedentary.

The jury’s still out on the efficacy of wearables when it comes to long term health issues, but there’s the undeniable immediate effect of making users more conscious of movement as they go about their day. From running and walking to standing, to simply remembering to take some time to breathe, a wrist-worn wearable is a buzzing reminder to mix things up a bit.

A number of health insurance companies have embraced wearables as a way to get their subscriptions to be more activity, including Aetna, which recently announced a major plan to subsidize the Apple Watch. Canada-based financial group John Hancock is getting on-board as well, announcing a subsidy program that offers up the Apple Watch Series 2 for as little as $25 to active members, through its Vitality program.

Interested parties who sign up will get the watch as part of the program, with the activities they log through walking, running, biking and swimming going toward the end payment of the wearable. So, $25 upfront, and you stay active, that’s all you’ll have to pay. If you fail to meet those goals, there’s a monthly fee on the device spread out over the course of 24 months.