Gadget Story Time with EPIKGO hoverboard

I have a love-hate relationship with hoverboards. They make me happy when I ride them but they suck to fall off of lol. The other day I saw a guy carrying his newborn baby while riding a hoverboard and I started having a minor anxiety attack.

EPIKGO sent me their hoverboard to try out and they couldn’t have picked a more qualified and handsome person. At one point I had my own hoverboard company, and dove in head first selling them and marketing them. I sold about 30, then shut it down.

When EPIKGO came and said they had a better hoverboard that was faster, stronger and safer I was a little skeptical. On their website it says:

“Created by our Silicon Valley based team, the EpikGo brand features the newest technology and is the SAFEST ride out there”

All these hoverboards are created in mass quantity in factories in China, but it had been a while since I had tried a new hoverboard, so I was curious if anything was different. Here is my Story Time with the EPIKGO Hoverboard… Enjoy.

Video Credits

Written by: Tito Hamze
Hosted and Edited by: Tito Hamze
Filmed by: Joe Zolnoski, Gregory Manalo