SentiOne raises $3.5 million to monitor social media

While it’s not exactly sentient, SentiOne sure sounds like it should be. This Polish company watches social media for brands allowing you to create an instant monitor for any topic. Founded by Bartek Baziński, Michael Brzezicki and Kamil Bargiel, the company raised $3.5 million from Venture TFI and Trigon TFI Group to build out their platform internationally.

The company has been working on the problem since 2011, but they are now able to generate a sentiment analysis in a few seconds, a feature that few systems offer. They have 1,200 customers and are growing at 5.02 percent. It’s a basic, powerful tool for companies and they seem to be taking to it.

“Vast majority of tools on the market, including market leaders do not let you try out and buy their products online, because they’re too complex,” said Bargiel. “We’re the next gen of social listening, we made it so simple and affordable that everyone can start monitoring their brand in 60 seconds.”

The company is focused on Europe now and has a net of bots that finds and stores mentions on their own servers.

“We’ve built a database of over 12 billion mentions and counting that can be searched in real-time back to 5 years,” he said.

The team created their tool when they were attending the Gdansk University of Technology. It was a proof of concept until they realized that these sorts of tools were missing on the market. Using their skills in language processing they were able to test sentiment analysis in 20 languages, a massive improvement over the competition. This means a German company can test sentiment in Spain and vice versa. The team is using the cash to expand further and build out their potentially sentient network of sentiment robots. I, for one, welcome our sentient brand-aware overlords.