Qualcomm teases a new OnePlus device sporting a Snapdragon 821

There’s still a little time to get a handset out before year’s end. And while increased competition from a number of relative new manufacturers (not to mention Google) have seemingly made things a bit more crowded, Samsung’s recent struggles have, perhaps, left an opening for another flagship.

At just under three years old, OnePlus certainly still qualifies as a newcomer, but the company is already on its third-generation device (along with the bonus OnePlus X thrown in there somewhere), all of which have proven extremely solid devices at low-end price points.

The OnePlus 3 just dropped this summer, but the Shenzhen-based company apparently already has another bundle of joy on the way. Chipmaker Qualcomm tweeted out this morning that Qualcomm has a new device on the way, sporting a Snapdragon 821 – an upgrade over the last handset’s Snapdragon 820.

Given that it’s been less than five months since the 3 arrived, odds seem pretty good that the product will be something more akin to the OnePlus x – an iterative update with some additional firepower under the hood, rather than a full-on refresh. Assuming that the company wants to push the device out in time for the holidays, it also seems a pretty safe bet that we’ll be seeing something definitive in the next couple of weeks.