This crazy $30,000 drone gives your 360° video wings

One problem with 360° videos is that you usually see a tripod or a hand holding the camera. One exception is the throwable Panono camera, but obviously you’re limited to how long you can keep a ball hovering. Varavon has another alternative, with a three-axis-stabilized gimbal drone that can film a full 360° sphere without being visible in the picture itself.

As a result, the drone can record footage that is extremely difficult to get in any other way. Because of the stabilizer, the drone can move freely in space without upsetting the video footage. Incredibly clever stuff.

When I spoke to the manufacturers, they said they hadn’t set a final price for the device yet, but suggested that it would be priced for professional use. “Expect the price to be around $30,000,” I was told. Which is pretty bold, considering that a competitor is available for about one- fifth that price and that the Exo360 is coming down the pipe as well.

Either way, the VR Gimbal drone from Varavon should be available later this year; for now, however, check out a demo video of it in action.