Finally, at long last, someone hacked Amazon’s Alexa into one of those singing fish

Do you, like many others, wake up each morning, gaze upon your Amazon Echo, and think, “Damn it, Echo. Instead of a shiny cylinder, why can’t you be a singing fish?”

Good news, friend. Your dreams have come true.

On his Facebook profile, artist Brian Kane briefly demonstrates what happens when you take one of those oh-so-classy singing fish — “Big Mouth Billy Bass,” as it’s known amongst those of us who saw the commercial 47,000 times in the early 2000s — and wire it up to be a scaled rubber embodiment of Amazon’s personal voice assistant.

Want one of your own? Of course you do.

Alas, the creator didn’t shed too much light on how it all works. Is it a Raspberry Pi running Amazon’s Alexa API? Or is it an Amazon Echo, gutted and stuffed into the fish, its every word converted into a twitch of Billy’s motorized muscles? That’s up to you to figure out, for now.