Play-Doh crosses over into digital

Here’s a fun offering from Play-Doh. The $40 Touch Shape to Life Studio brings a little tactility to the digital world, with seven cans of Play-dog, four tools, 15 cutters and 10 stamps for building sculptures. Once done, the creations get placed on the star-shaped plastic studio platform and captured with an iPad or iPhone.

The Play-Doh touch app creates a digital version of the sculpture, incorporating it into game play. The app essentially recognizes the stamp’s shape and color and customizes the experience based on what it sees, offering up different experiences based on different combinations.


It’s a pretty basic system – there’s probably ample opportunity to create some sort of basic stop-motion or computer modeling, but it’s a fun attempt by Hasbro to bring its beloved brand into the 21st century without abandoning the product in the process.

Speaking of, connecting the real world and the digital, the lengthily titled Touch Shape to Life Studio will is being launched exclusively with Apple today, and will be available in the company’s retail locations.