Former White House cybersecurity chief launches Uplevel Security

Launching today with a new security technology Uplevel Security wants to be the go-to tool IT departments use to respond to breaches and hacks.

Founded by Roselle Safran, the former branch chief for cybersecurity operations at the White House, Uplevel combines case management, threat intelligence management, workflow orchestration, and analytics to automate threat responses.

The company is the culmination of years of work Safran conducted first as a consultant for Ernst & Young and then working in government for both the Department of Homeland Security and The White House.

Uplevel’s security technology was born from Safran’s own needs. “The team would end up going through all of these manual processes and sort of reinventing the wheel every time something was detected,” Safran said.

With the help of fellow co-founder Elisabeth Maida, the two Princeton alums, developed a technology that could address the workflow after breaches or security threats had been detected.

The company has been working with beta customers since 2014, and now counts Fortune 500 financial services companies among its early users. Companies deal with thousands of detection alerts every day and the security team needs to respond.

“There are a handful of incident response platforms and security response platforms that will touch on one or two of our capabilities,” Safran said. “We haven’t seen anybody use graph analysis for the data and the actions that are taken.”

Uplevel has raised $2.5 million in seed funding from First Round Capital and Aspect Ventures along with a host of individual angel investors.