Samsung’s new tablet is one way to get your hands on the S Pen

Seeing as how Samsung’s primary S Pen delivery device has been killed off due to a number of exploding devices (you didn’t think we’d be able to get through a Samsung story with mentioning that, did you?), its become a fair bit tougher for fans to get their hands on the company’s stylus (just don’t call it a stylus).

While it’s sure not to spark (sorry) nearly as much interest as the Galaxy Note 7, the company is offering a slightly updated version of its 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab A slate with a the writing/drawing peripheral bundled in. Because, hey, they’ve got to get the things into customers’ hands somehow or other.

The new version, which is set to go on sale here in the States October 28, is priced at $349. The tablet also gets a RAM upgrade over its non-US version, bumping it from 2GB to 3GB. Otherwise, there’s nothing really all that special from a spec standpoint.

The display clocks in at 1920 x 1200, there’s 16GB of storage augmentable via microSD and the 7,300mAH battery promises 13 hours of playback, according to the company’s numbers. The tablet ships with Android 6.0 running on an Exynos 7870 octa-core processor.