Moovit and Rock the Vote team up to get you to the polls

Transit app Moovit and the nonpartisan, nonprofit Rock the Vote organization are working to get you to the right poll on time. On election day — Tuesday, November 8 — Moovit will get you from wherever you are to your correct polling place via public transit, bike sharing services or Uber, whichever works best.

When users tap the Directions tab, which usually shows only a favorite location, there will also be an option for finding routes to the polls. On the Stations tab, which usually shows a map of nearby transit stations, polling places will also appear with real-time information on which transit lines will be arriving.

The US Census Bureau lists inconvenient polling places and transportation problems among the reasons that Americans don’t vote. (Others include being too busy, which Moovit can’t do anything about, and forgetting to register, which it can. Users got reminders of their state’s voter registration deadlines via the app this fall.) Moovit and Rock the Vote, which focuses its efforts on mobilizing young voters, could not have made this any easier for you to get to the polls without coming into your house, lifting you off the couch, and driving you to the voting booth.