Facebook Live broadcasting up 4X since May, gets TV and outdoor promo

Facebook wants you to know Live broadcasting isn’t just for celebrities. Facebook has bought a new series of US and UK TV, web, billboard, bus, and baggage claim ads that suggest you go Live when you see something cool, want to show off a talent, or just have something important to say.

The campaign could further accelerate the growth of Live, which has seen the number of people broadcasting at any given minute go up 4X since May. Streams have come from all seven continents plus outer space, they cause people to comment 10X more than normal videos, get watched 3X longer than non-Live content, and most broadcasts come from regular people even if public figures get the biggest audiences.

Facebook is competing with YouTube Live and Twitter’s Periscope for broadcasters and viewers, and the ads could help give it a populist edge.

Here we’ve compiled all of the video ads into one clip:

Facebook’s come a long way from its clumsy, confusing, and pretentious first TV spot celebrating its billionth user back in 2012 that declared “Facebook is like a chair”. Ya know, because it’s present in everyone’s life.

The new campaigns are much more direct, comprehensible, and authentic. Each offers an example of what you could broadcast. In fact, Facebook’s CMO Gary Briggs writes “All of the content for the campaign—every video, every image—was shot using Facebook Live on a phone.” Facebook typically lets failing products die rather than pour resources into them, suggesting it sees strong potential for Live.

Here are all of the tag lines from the new ads, and where they’re running:

  • TV/Web 30 second spot: How to go Live if you’ve got a hidden talent that you’re ready to make not-so-hidden – “You’re doing great, and even if you’re not, your friends will probably still think you’re awesome.”
  • TV/Web 30-second spot: How to go Live when you have something to say and you just need to say it out loud – “Now you’re not alone. Your friends are hear to listen.”
  • 15-second vignette: A kid about to get his hair cut
  • 15-second vignette: A man recording a big thunderstorm
  • 15-second vignette: A little girl singing and playing guitar
  • 15-second vignette: A dog dressed as a teddy bear
  • 15-second vignette: A man walking in the waves on the beach
  • Bus: How to go live when you’re not on this awesome tour bust but still want to give an awesome tour
  • Bus Shelter: How to go Live when you see someone walking an animal that’s not a dog
  • Bus Shelter: How to go Live when you’re just hanging out with friends or whatever
  • Bus Shelter: How to go Live if you just bought possible the best gyro in th city.
  • Baggage Claim: How to go Live while everyone is waiting for the first suitcase to drop

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Facebook was already spending to promote Facebook Live, but by planning to pay more than 140 news publishers and influencers a total of over $50 million to use Live. That seems to have successfully seeded the concept of Live streaming on Facebook, but now it has to get people to actually do it.

While YouTube has positioned itself as a feature for web celebrities, and Periscope has focused on citizen journalism and expert Q&As, the Facebook Live ads position it as the broadcasting tool of the common man.