Tesla’s upcoming announcement is Part 2 of the Model 3 reveal

Tesla is announcing some news today, and now we have a better idea of what it will be: Elon Musk has revealed that the news will go live around 5 PM PT today, and that it’ll be about “Model 3 part 2,” the follow-up to the original Model 3 unveiling back in March.

Musk said there would be a “part 2” unveiling event nearer to the beginning of production on the Model 3 back when the car was first made official. Then in an interview at Code Conference in June, Musk hesitated onstage during an interview when asked if the Model 3 would be offer fully self-driving features, and eventually deferred to an event “maybe toward the end of the year” during which more info would be made public.

That definitely gives us an idea of what to expect from this afternoon’s news. Some speculation has already suggested we’ll see a full successor to Autopilot unveiled, featuring far more advanced autonomy; tying these features to a Model 3 with full Level 4 autonomy (capable of self-driving without any human intervention) would definitely make sense given Musk’s previous comments, including a prediction made by the Tesla CEO in late 2015 that full autonomy would be available in around two years’ time.

We’ll bring you Tesla’s news as it happens, so tune in at around 5 PM PT to find out for sure what Musk reveals.