Watch Pitch@Palace’s Demo Day here

TechCrunch is pleased to bring you Pitch@Palace’s Demo Day today, Friday 14 October, from 09.30 GMT+1, live from the Harwell Science and Innovation Campus.

Pitch@Palace was set up by The Duke of York to amplify and accelerate U.K. tech entrepreneurs. At Pitch@Palace Boot Camp, 31 teams will give a three-minute pitch. Judges will then select the 12-15 best startups to pitch at St. James’s Palace to an invited audience of high-profile investors and key business leaders.

Startups span many verticals, including media, fintech, edtech, data analytics and energy and environmental technologies. Tune in Friday at 9.30am GTM+1 to catch all the action.

(In order of appearance)

Automated Intelligence Limited – AI provides information management software and services that enable organisations to easily transition to, and make the most of, cloud technologies.

Digi.Me – returns personal data to the individual for their own insight and benefit and to allow apps/businesses to access rich data with consent for mutual benefit.

Flock – Flock is a big data-driven artificial intelligence platform for drone-flight risk reduction. We make drones safe and smart in congested urban environments.

Satavia – Satavia is a data analytics and visualisation company that develops environmental awareness solutions for aviation.

TouchByte Ltd. – We provide real-time customer insight, recognition and validation of “PEOPLE in PLACES” using face recognition technology.

DoodleMaths – DoodleMaths is a tablet-based, adaptive and intuitive maths learning programme  for 4-14-year-olds. Progress and motivation grow in just 10 minutes a day.

NFC Helps Me Limited – How Do I? teaches life and vocational skills through step-by-step videos linked to the learning environment using NFC technology.

Cumulus Energy Storage LTD – Cumulus Energy Storage is enabling renewable electricity — by developing the lowest cost, grid-level energy storage batteries using Copper/Zinc technology.

Drenched Ltd. – Invented a product for taps which allows you to wash your hands with only 2 tablespoons of water and uses no energy for heating of water.

Mobile Power Ltd. – Our aim is to provide clean, affordable energy to the off-grid market in Africa, particularly the half a billion mobile phone users living off-grid.

Senergy Innovations – Senergy Innovations are bringing  to market the world’s first nanocomposite solar thermal panels that will  deliver affordable solar heating and cooling.

AID:Tech – AID:Tech brings transparency and real-time analysis to the distribution of resources by governments, NGOs and charities.

RiskSave – An end to financial advice charges, to restore faith in the finance industry and engage the financially excluded, RiskSave aims to manage retail assets for free.

Inductosense – Embeddable sensors, systems and analytics for fast, repeatable, through-life detection of cracks, corrosion or defects in structures.

Baby2Body – We help new and nearly moms live better — by giving them the information and motivation they need to live happily and healthily, on the exact day they need it.

Codec – We use AI to understand what content an audience wants a brand or publisher to make, before they make it.

Inkpact – Inkpact provides growing businesses personal communications at scale, providing messages handwritten by humans to engage customers, making a lasting impression.

Landmrk – Landmrk is a flexible white-label platform that enables you to deliver digital content to your audience at specific physical locations.

Lobster – Lobster is the world’s own place to source photo and video from social media users directly.

Prison Voicemail – A social venture using scalable technology to improve communication channels between prisoners and their families.

Rezonence – Providing publishers a frictionless micropayment strategy where consumers pay for content with their time and attention by engaging with FreeWall adverts.

Swytch – Swytch is a revolutionary mobile operator that works alongside your existing operator, providing amazing features such as multiple mobile numbers on one phone.

Twile – A timeline of everything that’s happened in your family, from your earliest ancestors right through to today.

3D Industries Limited – The Google of 3D. A spatial intelligence engine that is ordering the emerging AR/VR 3D world.

SafeToNet LTD – Next generation parental controls using behavioral analytics and AI to protect families online. Limited – is building self-learning, tuneable and controllable AI-bots for autonomous decision-making.

WaveOptics – WaveOptics has developed augmented reality technology that fuses incredible image quality with lightness and manufacturing scalability, creating immersive augmented reality that is viable and accessible. –’s mission is to provide a high-quality route into the Smart Chatbot market. The company aims to be the e-commerce platform for the smart chatbot space.

Do-It Solutions Ltd. – Personalised assessment and screening accessible system which provides solutions to barriers to education and employment and criminal justice system.

EasyVideo – EasyVideo; ‘how to’ videos for learning disabilities on any mobile device — simply scan household items to find out how to use them.

JumPack Ltd. – JumPack is an innovative portable, wearable jump ramp for use by extreme sports athletes engaged in BMX, MTB, skateboarding, snowboarding and stunt scooters.