Vine’s new Soundboard is the audio meme recycler you always wanted

Vine has a new feature for iOS app users called Soundboard, which lets users incorporate viral sounds within their own Vines, including Vine-sourced classics like ‘why you always lyin’ – it’s basically an express remix feature for trying to give your own content some reflected glow from memes that already made it big.

The Soundboard comes in at the portion of the Vine creation workflow where you add captions and edit the post, via  new sound wave icon you’ll see towards the bottom of the app interface. Once you open that up, it’ll present you with a catalog of existing sounds, including stuff like “free-shavocadoooo” and other popular things of the internet. You can also record your own, and Vine plans to update the library, likely adding more of the fire sounds of online culture as they gain XP rumbling around our shared digital brain.

I’m all for Internet Fun so this sounds great – that’s a pun btw. BA-BOING