The former head of mobile blog JKOnTheRun is suffering a heart condition and financial woes

I don’t usually post about other tech journalists but this is kind of important. A great guy, James Kendrick, started JKOnTheRun, one of the first tech blogs focusing on mobile devices. In the dark days of the early naughts he was a bright spot on the prairie, a star in the firmament. Now he’s sick.

James was a freelancer and his work recently dried up. To add insult to injury, he’s suffering from a serious heart condition that put him in the hospital for two months and now dumped him into a wheelchair. His site, once privately owned, was bought by Gigaom and died when that site was, in turn, bought.

He writes:

In spite of your wonderful support my situation has become critical. I have been scrambling to get my freelance writing started again but it’s taking longer than I thought due to my recent hospitalization and surgery I was not expecting.. I can no longer afford to pay my rent and I don’t know what I’m going to do.

If you can help support me in this trying time it will mean more to me than you can ever know. I’m reaching out to those who are just seeing this for the first time as well as those who might be in a position where they can support me again.

You can support him via his GoFundMe page. Again, I wouldn’t normally do this but he’s one of ours and deserves a chance. There are millions of folks out there like him with similar stories but only James had the admixture of intelligence, curiosity, and compassion that was necessary to build an amazing website. I think his plight deserves some notice.