Samsung’s combo desktop/speaker is a weird sort of art

If I’m Samsung, I’m looking for the next big product to capture the public’s attention while my public relations wing is attempting to put out a whole lot of proverbial fires (to go along with the literal variety). This isn’t that. In fact, Samsung just kind of let this one loose into the world without any real fanfare. And it’s got a name to match.

The DP700C6A-X01US ArtPC ArtPC Pulse Premium Desktop (ArtPC Pulse for short) is a compact cylindrical desktop PC that looks positioned to take on the likes of the Mac Pro. Kind of, sort of. The 10.7-inch tall device doesn’t really do the minimalist thing all that well, nor does it have the cloth-covered fashionista flare of HP’s strange little Pavilion Wave.

It does share one key feature with the latter, however, devoting a portion of its real estate to a speaker—swapping HP’s Bang & Olufsen branding for Harman Kardon. The 360-degree speaker lives up top, alongside some ambient lighting. On the front, you’ll find a whole bunch of USB-C and HDMI ports. Inside, you get an Intel Core i5 processor, 256GB of solid state storage and 8GB of RAM.

All of that’s up now for pre-order, running $1,200 — firmly between the aforementioned pieces of hardware. It should start shipping at the end of the month.

via PC World