Counting your reps, so you don’t have to

The Smart Fitness Bar is hardly the first smart piece of gym equipment. If anything, it’s part of a growing trend, an attempt to capitalize on a growing fascination with connected fitness and the ongoing compulsion to add smartify every dumb product we have.

Heck, back in July, I tried a set of “smart dumbbells,” and indeed, you don’t have to be a smart dumbbell to grasp the irony there.

Forza (not the popular racing series, mind), a hardware startup in Miami that’s “dedicated to revolutionizing the fitness industry”—a revolution that starts by adding smart features to a fitness bar and then naming said fitness bar the Smart Fitness Bar. The company claims its smart fitness bar the Smart Fitness Bar is the world’s first smart fitness bar—and it probably won’t get a lot of pushback on that.


The bar itself is essentially one of those Iron Gym-style devices that you see on late night TV commercials, which can be hung over a door for pullups and placed on the ground for sit ups and pushups.

The company added in some sensors for reps and calories burned, coupled with a Bluetooth transmitter so all of those metrics can be beamed to the company’s app, so you don’t have to do any of the heavy lifting of counting on your own. It’s available now for a pre-order price of $99. It’ll run another $50 at full retail, so start counting up those pennies.