Tilda is the web design tool for the rest of us

If you’re a maker, a hustler, a shaker, or a serial entrepreneur you probably make a lot of websites. There are a number of tools you can use including Bootstrap (please stop using Bootstrap), Squarespace, and a few cool WordPress plugins. Now there’s also Tilda.

Tilda is basically an easy-to-use responsive page builder that costs $15 a month for a standard landing page. Nikita Obukhov, a Russian web designer and owner of the FunkyPunky design studio, created Tilda as an internal tool but wanted to expand into a wider market. He opened the tool up to general users and now you can use it to drag and drop images and text around a page and basically stick something up in seconds.

One of the differentiators is a tool called the Zero Block. Basically its a web editor inside a web editor that lets you manage typography, draw shapes, and even create animations. It’s Tilda’s secret weapon.

“Users build a website from pre-designed blocks. It’s not templates, so it’s quite flexible and users have freedom. On the other hand, these blocks were created by our highly qualified design team so they look good,” said Obukhov.

I built a quick website for a project in about 15 minutes, using a few stock photos and some text. It was up and running moments after I finished and you can easily assign domain names to your creations. It was a very pleasant experience at the very least.

Tilda is self-funded and they have about 4,000 repeat customers.

While you might not be able to escape Bootstrap completely and while $15 per month is still a lot of dosh for a web page Tilda is definitely a tool I’m adding to my hustler/hacker/weirdo/wantrepreneurial arsenal.